5mm Accessory Cord Rope Halters

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Lead Ropes Sold Separately.

Need more info on rope halters and fit? Check out our 'Rope Halter Info and Fit' page.  

You can add a wrapped noseband, or extra noseband knots to your halter.

"Sage"- Paint

Owned by J&K Welch

      'Sage' is shown wearing an orange large horse 5mm accessory cord rope halter. We use a fiador knot at the chin, our special throat latch knot, and lovers knots throughout. The ends are also finished with lover's knots.

      This halter, because of it's small diameter, has alot of 'bite' to it. These are great for grabbing stubborn horses' attention, but will sit comfortabley on their head, as long as they don't pull against it.  It's also great for fitting the smaller newborn, foal, or mini head.

      This is a very flexible rope, that also easily fits underneath a bridle. We do not recommend tying your full sized horse solid with this halter-- especially a known puller. It creates too much pressure on a very thin area.

      Available colors shown below. You choose from our 8 main sizes. Starting at $14.50. Custom sizes are available at no extra cost.

Quick Facts on Accessory Cord Halters:

*Soft-- '2'

*2nd most 'bite' of all halters

*Great training halter

*Great for using under a bridle

*Low Stretch

*Not recommended for pullers

      (because of very small diameter)

*Made in USA

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accessory cord, rope halter, rope halters, halter
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