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Your Pictures

         Thanks to everyone who donated pictures and a bit of their stories to this page! If you've got a close up, quality picture of your horse wearing Sunset Halters tack, and you'd like us to post it here, please email it to us with a bit of information about you and your horse!

diamond braid rope halter
          Buzzer, a very stout QH, soaks up the sun in Houston Texas. He earns his oats team roping with his owner, Marie. The pair enjoy giving them boys a run for their money ;) He’s shown here wearing one of our large horse rope halters.
          Sparky is a 3 year old BLM Mustang owned by Nancy Kerson of Napa California. Nancy jokingly calls Sparky her 'Wild Mustang' because he's so laid back. He’s shown here wearing one of our rope halters.
rope halter
rope halter
          Mischief is a 3 year old Paint owned by Jeff Osberg of Laporte Minnesota. Mischief works hard teaching Jeff ‘horsey games’, while Jeff works hard teaching Mischief ‘people games’. Quite a pair! Mischief is shown here wearing one of our rope halter and lead sets.
          Sierra is a 2 year old Appy filly owned by Heidi in CA. Sierra is one of two horses Heidi rescued through Foal Quest in Canada.

          Heidi came up with a great idea of using a sidepull to ground drive her horses. Heidi says ‘It works wonderfully!!!’ Sierra is shown here wearing one of our sidepulls and a set of drive lines.

rope sidepull
rope halter
          Maya is a yearling Paint filly owned by Crystal Montgomery of Dalton, Georgia. This lil’ filly is quite a character- she loves the tassel on her lead. I’m sure she appreciates the new ‘toy’ ;) Maya’s shown here wearing one of our yearling/cob halters with lead.
          Jack is an 11-year-old Arab, owned by Beth Anderson of Superior, WI. His favorite treats are Werther's candies. He dislikes having to wear a bit. That’s why he’s modeling his new Sunset Halters sidepull.
rope sidepull
rope halter bridle
          Here's Madison and Apollo posing together for a beautiful summer photo. Apollo is an 8 year old Appy, who loves his halter/bridle/sidepull combo because his ears don't have to be messed with. What a beautiful pair these two make!

          Tania bought this halter many years ago- so the knots differ on it a bit. These halters look brand new after being thrown in the washer! Here's what Tania had to say:

          "There is so much more 'feel' to these halters...the difference is really amazing! The day your halter arrived was the day my nylon halter started gathering dust. The only trouble now is trying to decide which gorgeous color to use..."

rope halter
          Kara and Nacho reside in Lexington SC. Nacho is a beautiful Andalusian who normally is very sensitive and chomping at the bit. Nacho is now relaxed and moving very collected in his new haltermore. See what Kara has to say about her haltermore on our Customer Feedback page.
          Magic is an 8 year old gaited horse of unknown breeding owned by Terri Butter of Memphis TN. He enjoys trail rides and just hacking around teaching Terri the joy of finally having her own horse. His halter was a birthday gift from his Aunt Marie and Buzz in Houston.
Rope Halter
rope halter
          Rocky is an own son of the late Hollywood Dun It. Owned by Kim in Texas. I bet he'll have a pretty good future in reining!
rope halter
          These two beauties are Paints owned by Dani Akers, in Washington. The top photo is her weanling filly, Rain wearing her raspberry halter.

          The bottom photo is her 3 year old brother, Bow wearing a diamond braid sidepull and samson flat braid split reins.

          Sidepulls, along with haltermores are a great way to start the youngin's!
          Sage is a 5 year old Quarter Horse mare, owned by Andee Foster of Colorado Springs, CO. She's shown here wearing a 5/16" raspberry horse sized halter.

          Here's what Andee had to say about her halter 'We both are extremely pleased with how well-made and affordable these halters are and I know we'll have many years of use out of it. Not to mention the great colors!'
rope halter
          Brooklyn Blues is a 4 year old Rocky Mountain Gelding. Owned by Crystal Montgomery in Georgia.

          Here's what Crystal had to say, "I remember when I bought Brooklyn, almost everyone I talked to said to use "x" bit or he'd never gait properly. Well, he rides bitless and gaits beautifully! I do like my Dr. Cook bitless, but Brooklyn rides. a lot better in his haltermore! "
      Madison, age 9 with Bijou who is a Section B Welsh, age 17. This little pony is fast, fast, fast and Madison and the pony zoom down the trails at our local State Park. Slow Appy and I can hardly keep up!

     They also show HUS and are working on Hunter Hack. What a great team they make. They really adore each other!
rope halter and lead
rope halter
     Blue is a ten month old perlino tobiano.His reg name will be Blue Moon Magic. This beautiful boy is owned by the Trospers in Kansas.

     He's wearing a 1/4" samson halter with noseband knots. I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't mind having this boy in my field! What a looker!

      Cisco is a 5 year oldPaso Fino/QH. He's owned and loved by Heidi Carr. Both he and Heidi love his new halter.

     Here what Heidi had to say, 'It's so much easier to train him with this than it is with a regular nylon halter. That means less pulling and fighting and more fun time.'

rope halter

      Tiny is a 10 yr old Belgian Draft horse. He just received his new Sunset Halter and he looks so handsome! Until recently, Tiny didn't even have a halter because he is so big. Tiny lives at Spirit Reins Ranch in Liberty Hill, TX, a ranch that uses Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to help troubled kids. He helps kids get over their fear of big things, and he lives in a pasture with the very young, old and sick horses. He takes good care of them! One of his best friends is a miniature pony named Muffin.
rope halter
rope halter
      Hope is a 3 yr old angel horse. She was kicked as a baby and her previous owners were neglectful. She likes to be massaged and will let you sit cross-legged in front of her to rub her arthritic knees and ankles. She helps out with EAP at Spirit Reins and shows the kids that a poor start doesn't mean you are worthless. Life is full of potential!
      Legacy is a 3 yr old Palomino Paint. She lives at Spirit Reins Ranch with Tiny the Belgian, and about 30 others. Her very doting mommy, Kristin, got her a sky blue halter to match her sky blue eye! She likes to run and play with her young friends and learn new things with her mom during Natural training. It won’t be long before she can be ridden, and help out with the kids during EAP sessions.
rope halter
      Skip is a 3 year old QH owned by Marianne Duggan of Newborn Georgia. Skip at 5 months was bought from an auction in North Dakota. Even though he was the roughest weanling in the bunch, God told Marianne that this was the colt for her.

      Skip helped heal Marianne's heart after losing her sweet filly. The bond these two have is amazing. He truely is a God send!
rope halter
rope sidepull, yacht braid reins

      Kiger gelding, "the Sundance Kid." Sunnie is four and knows his voice commands and is very light to the touch with his new sidepull!

Visit Sunnie's website here.

      Fantacy is shown here with his diamond braid sidepull. He is a 26 year young National Show Horse. What sweet eyes he has!

      His owner Sarah says he works great in it- "Even better then he does with a bridle."

      This sweet, beautiful boy crossed the rainbow bridge, December of '09. Our condolences to Sarah :(
diamond braid sidepull
diamond braid sidepull
      This big, beautiful girl's name is Duchess. She's a 17h registered Clydesdale mare. Her owner Jen says 'she is like a baby elephant---really big, sweet and loving.'

      Jen of Ruffsong Ranch is riding her in a diamond braid sidepull.
      Yogi is a 7 year old standard gelding, is quite the character. His owner Nancy, adopted him after he had been scooped up by a horse rescue they are slowly teaching each other.

      Here's what Nancy has to say about her halter/bridle combo: "I'd like other long ear owners to know how your products are versatile enough to fit donkeys/mules & have helped greatly in our training process. "
yacht braid rope halter bridle
diamond braid haltermore
      Carl is shown here riding Rio, his beautiful Quarter Horse gelding This was the first time Rio wore his new haltermore.

      These two are just getting to know each other- they sure look like a great match!
      Here's Ms. Maya again (shown above as a yearling), all grown up. Crystal sure has some pretty horses! Maya's showing off her new two-toned pink rope halter.
diamond braid rope halter
diamond braid ropre halter
      This beautiful girl is a 22 year old Arab rescue, also owned by Crystal.

      Crystal runs a rescue and has tremedously helped numerous horses heal, and find great homes.
      Pheonix is an 8 months old pintaloosa, owned by Amber of Texas. Amber says "he loves his Sunset Halter. He even puts his nose into the halter to "help" put it on."
diamond braid rope halter
yacht braid sidepull
      Most people don't know that L.A. has a park of 4,000 acres where horseback riders can REALLY get away from the noise and the crowds.

      Here is Jasper, with his sidepull halter and with the famous HOLLYWOOD sign in the background. The photo was taken on Mt. Hollywood. The sign actually sits on Mt. Lee

      This is Mocha, he’s a 6 year old Paint gelding, owned by Cristin of Alabama. Here's what she has to say:

      "...Here's Mocha, that I use for Eventing. Every now and then he loves to go western and do some trails, he adores your haltermore and prefers I use it instead of his bit. "

diamond braid haltermore
diamond braid rope halter
      This handsome fella is Blaze. He's a 19 year old QH owned by Nita in Hermiston OR.
      Shotgun is a 23 year old quarter horse that was bought to keep from going to auction and is now getting rehabilitated at Tripl-B-Ranch horse rescue in Chillicothe, Ohio. He enjoys his haltermore and is so layed back with it but still responds well with it.
diamond braid haltermore
diamond braid rope haltermore
      Slim is a 6 year old double registered Quarter Horse gelding. He is shown 4-H and going to start his AQHA career this year if things go well. He is in Chillicothe Ohio and is dearly loved by his family.
      This handsome boy is Tanion's Love. He's a 3 year old Friesian Sporthorse Stallion. For more info on Tanion, visit his site here.
Heifer rope halter
      Buttercup is owned by the Adams in Indiana. She's a Charolais/Angus cross which Hannah picked out from the family herd.

      She is Hannah's 2nd year 4-H project in the beef program. They're hoping to show her with her calf next year in the cow/calf class.
      Solaris is an 11 year old Appendix Quarter Horse with a heart of gold to match his chestnut coat. He loves cross-country jumping and long trail rides and is busy exploring a new world of dressage and eventing! Solo and his owner, Brena, can't wait to get out and trail-test their beautiful new halter/bridle!
Rope Halter Bridle
Rope Halter Bridle Combo
      Whispers Whimsical Dream (AKA Whimmy), is a 9 yr old KY mountain saddle horse. She's owned by Alex in Helena, Ohio.

      Whimmy is shown here wearing her diamond braid halter bridle combo (style 2). That yellow sure glows on her!
      Here's Whimmy with her 2 week old baby, On A Whim (AKA Onie). Whimmy and Onie are both modeling their matching yellow/lime green diamond braid halters. What a pair!!
Rope Halter
rope halter bridle
      Denali is a 9 year old Arabian. Darcy's had him for only a month but loves him very much. He has a personality like a dog! She's training him for endurance and he's doing wonderful! Darcy says he loves his new halter-bridle.

Here's what Michelle has to say about her horses Star and Buddy:


      "Star is an 8-9 year old Grade Morgan Mare, who is learning the ropes along with her owner! The rope halter from Sunset Halters has been a miracle tool in our gaining respect from the ground, and the 14" lead is the perfect weight and length for most any ground work we want to do!"

5mm accessory cord rope halter
diamond braid rope halter
      "Buddy is a Grade Paint Gelding, around 26 years old. I am fostering him for St. Francis Horse Rescue in Central WI and wanted a stunning halter that matches his personality, and his baby blue eye!

      "The halters have been a god send, especially during farrier work, as both horses are not the greatest at standing still! Thanks Sunset Halters!"

Halter Cord Halter Bridles

      Montana is Percheron/TB owned by Melinda in TN. Magic is a gaited horse of undetermined breed, owned by Terri in TN. The boys are great trail buddies, and enjoy going for long weekend trailrides with friends from surrounding states.

      This handsome fellow is Bow. He's a Paint owned by Dani in WA. He's wearing his new haltermore made with the stiffer halter cord. Bow is 5, and is now venturing out on some harder trails.
Halter Cord Haltermore
      These two handsome twins, Little Red and Skooter are owned by Alexis Geiger of New York. They're modeling their new born halters.
      "I have been out of riding for 12 years due to a problem hip. I claimed Shadow for my own, and it's wonderful to be back in the saddle again!'

      'We haven't found a bit that Shadow liked, so here he is in his new Sidepull. He has been a different horse with this equiptment. I have received so many compliments on it."

Cyndi Pennington
Arcanum, OH
bitless halter bridle
     This handsome fellow is Tarbutton-- affectionately called Tarbee. He's a spotted saddle horse- sporting his new bitless halter/bridle.
     Lucas, a 6 year old QH from Catharpin, VA enjoys a view from his stall.

     Here is what his rider, Aleasha has to say;

     “Lucas is more responsive and has became more calmed ever since she put the Halter/Bridle.

rope halter bridle
diamond braid sidepull
     Cisco is a 7 year old Paso Fino/QH. His owner Heidi says he's much more responsive with his new sidepull, than he is with a traditional bridle/bit.
     This beautiful lil' filly is owned by Nicole in Utah. Here's what she has to say about her halter cord halter with extra noseband knots:

     'Dixie is a beautiful amber cream champagne Tennessee Walking Horse with a teddy bear personality. She responds great to her halter. Plus Your colorful halters go go great with her blue/green eyes.'
Training rope halter
Rope halter
      Stonewall Jackson is a teenage gelding that has come to live with Amanda McKinsey in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.

      He is Amanda's first horse, and they got his new halter to celebrate! Amanda is looking forward to lots of rides with Jackson.
      This 11 month old TWH's registered name is "Dollar's Silver Jewel". We're not 100% sure what color she's going to be, but her daddy is a deep charcoal grey and she is a carbon copy of him in every way!

      She is extremely smart and was parking out on voice command at 3 months old. She has a great future in the flat shod show ring and out on the trail. She is owned by Stone Canyon Ranch in Dallas, Texas.
rope halter
      Moka is an own grandson of Colonel Freckles currently owned by Marie in TX.

      This handsome boy is wearing one of our 1/4" diamond braid halters with a noseband wrap.
      This haltermore set was made for Nacho with roping reins instead of mecates. Now his owner Kara can jump without worrying about the mecate getting caught up.

      This handsome OTTB's name is Phil's Courage. He is an own son of the 1999 Kentucky Derby winner Charasmatic. Phil crossed Kara's path when his owner became afraid of him. He was too much horse for her, so Kara have started him under saddle from the ground up.

      Phil has a hard mouth from his racing days. He traveled with his nose in the air and a hollowed back. Kara started using the haltermore and noticed a more relaxed Phil since he didn't have to worry about the bit.

Here's what owner Virginie of France has to say about her beautiful horse Dalton:

      "Dalton Texas N Dream is a 3 year old French Paint Horse owned by Virginie Hurlet in FRANCE. He earns several title of champion of France High Point Gelding 2006 and 2007, and Champion of France Halter open 2007 APHA/FPHA because there is a very friendship between .... Virginie works hard teaching Dalton working cow, reining and roping. He's very shining with his lime green rope sidepull! On this picture he's a very 'clown'!"

      This awesome photo is of Leslie, Sergeant at Houston Police Department, and her horse Nacho (Andalusian / Thoroughbred) working the streets of Downtown Houston wearing a Sunset Haltermore.
      Gavin is in his custom bitted/bitless halter/bridle. He is a 9 year old Paint and was adopted from Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue in Virginia. He loves his new bridle to go on long rides or just around the round pen bareback.
Draft Rope Halter
     This handsome guy is Trace. He's owned by Charaty in TN. Trace is an honest 18.2h Fresian/Percheron. He's wearing his large draft halter.
    This cute lil' pony's name is Devon. She's owned by Mel of TN. Devon is an 11 year old mini cross. She has driving in her future-- she just doesn't know it yet. She's wearing a foal/mini sized halter.
     This beautiful girl is 10 year old TB/QH/Shire cross, Lola. She's owned by Claudia, and is in training at the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska (check out the glacier in the background!).

     She's doing very well in her new halter/bridle. Lola is a PMU rescue mare, who's very willing, and intelligent.
     This picture is of Hannah and her show steer Bo. He's wearing a cow halter and neck rope set made from the Flat Braid rope.

     It looks like this pair has quite the bond!

This is what Amber has to say about this beautiful girl;

     This is Cresent my friends 7 yr old Tennessee Walker when we went on a trail ride. She is stunning in the blue and green halter that I got from Sunset Halters.

Here's what Amber has to say about Sinbad;

     This is Sinbad. He is an arab gelding that a friend of mine rescued and then gave to me. He is so much happier in a bitless. And yes he is wearing a feather boa for a breast collar :)

This is what his owner, Amber, has to say about her Mustang:

     Here is a picture of Mojave in his Christmas halter ( our secret santa gift). Mojave is a yearling Mustang from Nevada. I trained him for the Extreme Mustang Makeover Yearling Edition in Fort Worth but Hurricane Ike kept us from competing. When he gets older I plan on training him for Endurance and Competitive Trail Horse competitions.

This is what Amber has to say about her beautiful boy:

     Pheonix is a coming 3 year old Pintaloosa who loves to look handsome. His new sidepull does just the trick, matching his big baby blues.

Bitless Halter/Bridle
     This is Tango, owned by Tara Keener. He's a 12 year old TWH/QH cross. He's shown here wearing his bitless halter bridle. Tara's had him for about 18 months.

     Cornelius is a Morgan/Percheron who was delivered to Leslie as a PMU weanling from Canada in '03. Leslie bought Corny sight unseen, and he's turned out to be the nicest horse she's ever had. This gengle giant is now almost 17 hands. Their goal is to ride a training level test together one day.

     This handsome fella is Apaches-- an aged Paint gelding owned by Heidi Carr. He's wearing a 5/16" diamond braid sidepull. This guy has a heart of gold and a great paint job to boot. He has a perfect smiley face, 'painted' on his hip!

bitless halter bridle
     This is Shalimar, a 6 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. Here's what his owner, Wendy, has to say:

     "He has shown he is happy with this set up and looks like he picked it, besides looking beautiful too!"
     This is Mocha weaing her 5/16" diamond braid halter bridle combo.

     She is a 3 year old AQHA. Her color is Classic Cream Champagne - which is a black horse with cream and champagne dilutions. Her and her owner Linda enjoy trail riding.
Rope halter bridle combo
roping reins

     This is 18 year old Africa. She's leased, by Kate Causbie, and is shown with her not-exactly-friend, Jazz.

     This was taken last summer, when Kate trailered them down to her Aunt and Uncle's sheep farm. She uses her roping reins on her halter for a lot of riding around the farm.

      Chaco (RMS Ty Dye Champ), is a large standard donkey (14.2h) He's owned by Stasia Wussow in Wisconsin.

      He's shown here in his new Sunset Halter Sidepull with custom sized browband and 3/8" XLS lead rope.
donkey sidepull
donkey sidepull
      This beautiful girl, Tikki, is also owned by Stasia Wussow in Wisconsin. Tikki is a 15h Mammoth Jackstock (mammoth donkey, jennet).

      She's wearing her new Warmblood size Sunset Halter Sidepull with custom sized browband.
      Blue is shown here wearing a bitless halter/bridle. His official name is "Smokey Joe's Blue Moon".

      He is 21 years "young", loves to trail, and has personality to match!
He will never turn down sharing a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee!
bitless halter bridle

rope halter

Mooner in her olive Warmblood yacht braid halter


Psymbol in his olive Warmblood yacht braid haltermore

rope halter

Cayenne in her olive green Warmblood yacht braid halter
-- with some growing room!

      Here's what Lori Schultz of Texas has to say about her horses above, 'I adopted Mooner and Psymbol from a closed PMU farm in Canada. They were both at risk for being sent to the slaughterhouse so I adopted them sight unseen from website pictures. It was the best decision I ever made. Both of them are wonderful horses. Mooner is an 8 yr old blue roan Percheron cross mare and Psymbol is an 11 yr old blue roan Belgian/Percheron/Mustang cross gelding. Cayenne is their offspring from when Psymbol was still a stallion.'

rope halter bridle

      This stunning boys name is Durango Stud Muffin. He is owned by Amy Sumrall of North Carolina. She uses one of our halter/bridles with an S Hack, instead of a bit and side straps. He's shown here with a set of our yacht braid roping reins as well.

      Cristin riding Gator in his haltermore. This big guy is an OTTB. Check out our Customer Feedback page for their story!

rope halter

Pikachu in his small mini/foal halter

rope halter

Sissy in her regular mini/foal halter

These two little cuties are owned by Alli and John in Michigan.

halter bridle
      Ksenia's daughter riding their Icelandic Pony mare, Red Jack. This little mare was a stinker. But with great training, and alot of hard work, she's now a safe mount.
      This beautiful bay is Amir, and he's wearing his new yacht braid sidepull.

      Here's what his owner, Amber has to say, "I went straight to the pasture and tried it on and rode him for an hour he and I both LOVE this bridle. Let me tell you it is like night and day, it was like he flipped a switch in his head, 'ok now I guess I will pay attention and be an awesome horse again'!!"
yacht braid sidepull

yacht braid rope halter and lead

Annah rockin' the pastels! Don't be afraid to mix and match colors!

Here's what Annah's owner, Shawna has to say:

      "Annah (means Gracious in Hebrew) is about 8 yrs old and was brought to us by God. She was abused, starving, and hated people. She would run to the other end of the pasture when walked into the yard. Through a lot of prayer, tears, and natural horsemanship she has lived up to her God chosen name. And she is rocking the pastels lol"

Rope Halter w/Yacht Braid Lead Rope Yacht braid haltermore

      Oliver is a gold champagne Arab/Saddlebred. He's shown here wearing his 5/16 diamond braid halter, with 14ft yacht braid lead, and his yacht braid haltermore. His owner, Emily says, "I like to do everything with him - Western, some English, trail riding, etc. We both LOVE the haltermore - I get comments on it al the time and he rides in it so well, and I love the mecates because they allow e to do groudnwork anywhere easily.

      This handsome boy is Ricky Bobby. He's an Extreme Mustang Makeover Mustang that Heath Marshall (www.HeathMarshallHorsemanship.com) gentled and trained in 2008. Now they compete in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Ricky Bobby is the 2010 Semi Pro World Champion Shooting Horse. What a testament to the versatility of the Mustang!

bitless halter bridle

      This beautiful five year old Arab is Aspen. He's owned by Maya. Here's what Maya's Mom, Leslie has to say, "This will be our fourth Sunset Halter order! Attached is a photo of the last one we ordered on my daughter's horse, Aspen. We have not used anything but your bitless bridles since they (our horses) came into our hands."

yacht braid roping reins

      Here's a picture of Catherine riding her horse Moe, in a set of our 1/2" yacht braid roping reins with spliced rings and safety snaps. She won these in one of our monthly giveaways.

      She says, "I love the reins that I won so much! I don't want to stop using them when I ride. I think my horse likes them too! He listens better when I use them."

      Here's what Lori has to say about her pretty filly, Cayenne:

      "I received Cayenne's coral halter yesterday! The large horse w/the warmblood nose is the perfect size for her. Thanks for suggesting it based on my measurements. The color is very bright. Almost glow in the dark! Your description of hot pink w/a dash of salmon is right on the money. Thanks for exceeding my expectations once again!" Lori
Elizabeth Berrien's Kiger mustang, Dutch, looking good in his Sidepull!
Diamond braid sidepull
      I love what Kelly-Michelle is using our quirts for! Quick catch leads for her foals. They're long enough to grab, but too short to get tangled up in anything.

      This handsome colt is Athena Puddy Cat X Smart Little Dualena. You can find him and more at Kelly-Michelle's website, www.2bcuttinghorses.com
halter cord rope halter
      This is Jessica's handsome QH, Doc. He's wearing an olive halter cord halter, with his olive yacht braid lead.

These two treasures are owned by Melinda Barnett in MS.

Monte is wearing a Warmblood size 5/16" Diamond Braid Rope Halter with matching 5/8" Derby Lead Rope. rope halter

"22 year old gelding who has blessed my life 15 years!
Percheron/TB fox hunter/trail blazer retired"

Diva is wearing her own custom concoction. Being a Diva, she couldn't just have something off the rack.... lol rope halter bridle"Diva Pony - trick miniature/pony mix mare. Job - entertainment of old and young alike."

Here's what Lacey has to say about her horse Flicka:

      "Flicka will be 4 in August. She's a little APHA mare (and by little I mean 13.1hh) so your yearling/cob halter fits her wonderfully. The yacht braid is so soft, and I think she looks sharp in black. I also love her name stamped on the lead's popper. Flicka's lip always seems to be drooping since she's so chill all the time. Thanks for making such great rope tack!"

yacht braid rope halter and lead

      El Gato, The Dancing Horse wearing our white yacht braid halter and lead. His website is www.the-dancing-horse.com

      Tuckers Moelasses is an 8 year old gelding. He's shown here wearing his 5/16 diamond braid rope halter and 1/2 yacht braid lead. His owner says he loves his halter very much ;)

rope halter
rope sidepull

      Check out this pretty mare in her custom sidepull. Here's what Kiowa's owner has to say,

      "Here is Kiowa, she is an 11 Yr old Quarter Horse in Utah. She is a Red Dun and stands at 15 1/2 hands tall. She loves to lead and absolutely loves to trail ride and our 22 Yr old Thoroughbred is her best friend. She is owned by Justin and Nicole Olsen"

yacht braid split reins

      Here's a picture of Jenn's mare, Maia, wearing her new split reins. What a beautiful girl!

rope dog collars

      Check out these happy pooches, sporting their diamond braid dog collars. This picture makes me smile every time I look at it! Here's what MaryAshley has to say about them--

      "Here's four of our six camp dogs at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow— Scoot the Australian Shepherd, Remi the Golden Retriever, and Hopalong and Kansas, mutts. All are rescue or rehab dogs and all wear their dog collars from Sunset Halters with pride! They hold up great for their outdoor lives, in and out of the river, the barn, and the lives of thousands of campers every year."

Rope Dog Collars
      Here's what MaryAshley has to say about her new Chocolate Lab pup's collar--

      "This is the 5th Texas Hill Country dog we have outfitted in your collars.. 10th if you count the friends' dogs who have worn the same! Thanks so much. Unique, hard-wearing, and lovely product."
      Baby Beans is a 2 year old mini, showing off her 5mm Accessory Cord rope halter. These are the perfect diameter for those cute lil' heads. You can bet Baby Beans gets plenty of kisses right on that fuzzy lil' nose!
Accessory Cord Rope Halter
Yacht Braid Rope Halter and Lead
      Ahoyka's shown here wearing her new yellow 1/4" yacht braid halter, and kelly green 1/2" yacht braid lead. Here's what Roseane has to say about her mare and new tack--

      "Her name is Ahoyka a 6 year old BLM Mustang. I have used only Sunset Halters products on her.. oh and please mention SUNSET HALTERS are the BEST!! "
      Here's what Melisa has to say about her amazing horse and new reins,--

      "Song Writer is a nine year old paint/thoroughbred cross with a split personality. He loves western trail rides, but also jumping, and so he has a bridle put together from Western and English pieces that works great for both. The only trouble was finding the right reins,
Derby Roping Reins
western single reins were never long enough for his giraffe neck, and English reins made it difficult to switch smoothly between different types of reining. I was so happy to be able to get a custom length that still came in amazing colors and with handy clips and slobber straps. I loved the color so much I did beadwork on the bridle to match. We also have a matching halter, but it is so simple to just detach one side of the rein to lead him that we seldom need it!"

Thanks Sunset Halters!
Melisa & Song
Charity Rope Halter Halter Bridle
      This handsome boy is wearing his new halter cord halter/bridle-- which is part of the Charity Rope Halter™ program. Here's more info from his owner--

      "This is my Trail Travelling Rebel, AKA Traveler. He is a ~14yr old Paint Gelding, pleasure/trail horse residing in Memphis TN. His blue eyes stole my heart about 4 years ago and he still has it now." --Griffin
sidepull split reins This stunning mare is wearing her new sidepull and split reins.
      Robin says, "I ordered the side pull and reins back in late September/ early October and got them in October ^_^ I was so happy when I got to try the set on her. She responded fully to all of the pressure. I hadn't rode her in a while at the time so of course she was bickering a bit, but the side pull was so effective that she responded with minimal problems. I really love the set.I came across bitless bridles and then your site with side pulls. I am really glad I chose the sidepull.. She really listened great to it =)"


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