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What our customers have to say about Sunset Halters

I ordered the side pull and reins back in late September/ early October and got them in October ^_^ I was so happy when I got to try the set on her. She responded fully to all of the pressure. I hadn't rode her in a while at the time so of course she was bickering a bit, but the side pull was so effective that she responded with minimal problems. I really love the set. She is a four year old Morgan cross (her dam was APHA and sire was Pinto Morgan). She is really great with the tack =)


I just love your products and have used the same halter and lead rope on some very difficult horses over the last 8 years and they still look great. I am very particular about the products I use, If I find something special like your ropes and halters, I love to share it with friends, and clients and have sent a few your way. Thanks for a great product!

Jamie Brown

I just got my halter the other day! I love it! It's beautiful and the color is so bright. It's just what i wanted! Thank you so much! :)


My [quick catch] halter just arrived today and I want to thank you - it is the nicest product, much nicer than I expected it to be and I am delighted thank you. The rope is soft to the feel and the splicing is fabulous. Thrilled to bits! Thank you.

Kind regards


Just got my new rope halter in and I can't say enough about your company!! Wow the couple of times I have ordered u guys always give me money back on the shipping if u guys can ship it cheaper and I just got my very first "big" horse and I rode her with a bridle/bit the first time and was a little rough and today I rode her with my new rope halter without a bridle/bit and the difference was incredible!! Keep up the good work and kindness to ur customers and you will have urself a great business with many repeat and/or referred customers!!

April Wendt

Just so you know, i dont have horses anymore but i still have your halters. LOL I think I have 4? One even got lost in the pasture in mud and muck for a few years and it recovered, good as new. Now thats a product testimony! Haha

Jessica Morgan

Flicka will be 4 in August. She's a little APHA mare (and by little I mean 13.1hh) so your yearling/cob halter fits her wonderfully. The yacht braid is so soft, and I think she looks sharp in black. I also love her name stamped on the lead's popper. Flicka's lip always seems to be drooping since she's so chill all the time. Thanks for making such great rope tack!


Well my horse has definitely put your halter to the test more than once. It has yet to break or stretch. I have told several people about your site. Hopefully one of these days she will stop testing the halter and just give up. Haha I also really appreciate the made in America part. You guys are great!

Thanks for all your help!

Sarah Williams

I received Cayenne's coral halter yesterday! The large horse w/the warmblood nose is the perfect size for her. Thanks for suggesting it based on my measurements. The color is very bright. Almost glow in the dark! Your description of hot pink w/a dash of salmon is right on the money. I haven't had a chance to do a photo shoot of her wearing it yet but I did take a quick pic of her wearing it to share w/you until I have a chance to get some better ones. Thanks for exceeding my expectations once again!


Dear Karen,

I don't do this very often but just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with my new rope halter from Sunset Halters.

I ordered a yearling halter with nose knots Monday evening and it arrived here, all the way in NY, Saturday. So quick!! The halter fits my 10 month old TB/Percheron perfect, with room to grow. Love the feel of the rope; not too stiff, not too soft. Great product!

I'm passing on one of your business cards to my local tack shop, as they only sell standard adult size rope halters. I am typically very nervous to order anything off of the internet, but in this case I will highly recommend you! Thanks for your great service!


I love the reins that I won so much! I don't want to stop useing them when I ride. I think my horse likes them too! He listens better when I use them. Thank you for always have these great contests! God Bless! I promise once my horse gets better I am going to get some photos of him in all of the gear I won for him.

Thank you
Catherine Thelen


I received the training reins this afternoon and I love them. Just what I was looking for and the color is really great. They will be put to lots of use riding the trails in the Calif Gold Country. Thanks so much for a great product and I will add your site to my favorite places. I will certainly be doing more business with you in the future as well as recommending your site to my friends. I also appreciate doing business with a Christian business, may God Bless you greatly this coming year.


HI Karen!

Its been a LONG time… But I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that the quality of your halters is absolutely amazing! I wrote to you 6 years ago to tell you how pretty my halter turned out and that my horse had managed to get it off the fence of the stall next to him, drag it in and 'play' with it all day and other than being dirty and wet from slobber it was perfect… well 6 years later that SAME halter is still going strong! And I can say it has been seriously put to the test! I just ordered a halter for a friend for Christmas and know that he will be as pleased as I am with your wonderful work! (Actually He’s been using another of the halters I got from you that I keep as a spare… that I have yet to need I might add! J, but it’s not in “his” colors LOL). So Happy Holidays and I excitedly look forward to the arrival of this new halter and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it J.

Heather Brown

I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome sidepull I recieved yesterday in the mail....I have been soo excited waiting for it that when I saw the little white box sitting on my mailbox I ran out there and grabbed it...I couldn't wait to try it on my arab (Amir). So I went straight to the pasture and tried it on and rode him for an hour he and I both LOVE this bridle. I had been having issues while trail riding him with a bit, he was pulling his head and not responding to any preasure on his mouth so I decided to invest in a side pull. (picked yours because it was in the bottom of my budget and I loved the fact that I could costumize the colors)

Let me tell you it is like night and day, it was like he flipped a switch in his head, "ok now I guess I will pay attention and be an awesome horse again"!!

Thanks again, Amber & Amir
Bay City, WI

Thank you Karen. You are too kind. I have been giving out your website left and right. Hope I can send some business your way. I rode with my haltemore today. I forgot to take a picture. I am riding her again tomorrow so I will get one and send it to you. That coral is SO bright, I love it! Can't wait to get my blue one for my red mare. Will look good on her. Thanks again. I see I am also supporting a Christian AND a fellow Pacific Northwest Company...MADE IN AMERICA! I also support the family owned feed stores here rather than the chains.

Thanks again Karen. I am glad that God has blessed you with your business and that you are so VERY proud to show everyone.

Lori Davidson
P.S. Your prices are great and the bonus is, you get to pick your own color!

By the way, your products are my daily lifeline to training a safe horse for my kids. My family could not get through our day with our horse without them.

From a spoiled, burned-out horse that might have had to be given away last summer as "experienced handler only," this summer both the kids rode her in summer camp, because of NH techniques using your products. I can't thank you enough for your help. My girls, age 10 and 16 are finally cantering with her and doing jumps, and sometimes we just ride in your halter. I will try to enclose a photo of this.



I have ordered numerous halters, haltermores and other things from you over the years because when I order from you I get the best equipment for the price.

I wanted you to see my 16.1h OTTB from New Vocations proudly sporting a haltermore. This is Gator, he is 7 yo and came off the track as a 4 yo with a bowed tendon, he was rehabbed but kept being returned to N.V. for being too hot and stubborn to work with. I got him last December and worked with him slowly until we were able to put in a entry form for a 3 day event, but he went lame 3 weeks out from the closing date.

Gator in haltermore

So I have decided to let him be a happy trail pony. I was very hesitant to try the haltermore at first, but I do trust the big guy and figured he would just go back to the barn if all else failed, so we tried it and he loves it! Even in an English saddle he really enjoys not having the bit. Bridles pinch his head and cause rub marks, we have tried everything from over padded bridles, to no padding to the cashel and other brands cushions that you put between the bridle and the horses face, nothing works he still gets rubbed.

When I took this off him the first day, I truly expected to see rub marks, but not a one showed up?cSooo now he is sound and happy and ready for trails, GO GATOR!

Cristin B

I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how pleased I am with your products and your customer service. I have now ordered reins, a halter bridle, lead and a miniature halter from you, all were received very quickly and made with very good quality. I cannot be more pleased with your business. And speaking with Karen on the phone is so different, she is so pleasant to speak to and helpful. Not what I am used to now a days! God Bless You All.

Richard Kelley

Hi Karen,

Received the halter and lead yesterday - boy, are they nice! You do such nice work. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to all my horse-owning friends!!

Best regards,


Just saw your website (purchased our products via tack store)...

KUDOS!!! Glad to hear that you purchase American made products and support AMERICA!! I've purchased your products and am impressed at their functionality and longevity!!

The price is perfect also. Just like Parelli, but more "blue collar" friendly price wise!! I have Parellie "tools", and I must say, there is no difference, other than the affordability of your products. I do like your stick and string better! The Sunset stick isn't as heavy as Parelli's. Trying to "take the time it takes" with some horses can nearly wear ones body out. Having said that, your stick doesn't feel like a lead "pole" after awhile, unlike the "other one."

On another note, I'd very much like to visit your store. I recall you are located in Toledo, Wa, correct? We're in Olympia and would love to bring a friend or two along and introduce them to your wonderful products that's wallet friendly.



I got my order a few days ago and today was the first time I tried things out...the rope halter with knots worked SO nicely on a yearling of mine that is just a little piggish at times - it's just SO nice to correct once and get their attention than using other methods I don't care for ;)

I am a moderator on the Delphi Forum "Just Horsin' and just gave you a glowing product endorsement - thank you for making a VERY nice QUALITY product! AND in the US!!

Paula Hogan

PS - the lead ropes and lunge lines are SO soft and well, just awesome!

Thank you. I got the bitless bridles today. They look great! I'll send pictures with our horses modeling them. I am including a quick picture of my horse Shalimar a 6 yo MFT who is wearing his new bitless bridle. He doesn't lean at all and preforms very nicely. I love this one because of it versitility to be a halter, haltermore, sidepull, bitless bridle. Now I can get ride of all the excess tack in my shed! He has been doing great with his paterns and soon to work on gaits. He has shown he is happy with this set up and looks like he picked it, besides looking beautiful too!. Can't wait to show my friends!

Wendy Clark
Chewelah, WA

I wanted to personally thank you for such prompt, courteous service!

And I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the color combination black with the lime green, blue & purple - it has such pizazz!

Thank you again for such a wonderful product!

Linda Santini

Just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with the bitless bridle that you made for me. The details are great !!!!! I can't wait to get her home. So I can take better pictures of her in it. I am amazed that you that you do such great work. Thanks so much for all your work.

Karen Willis

Hi Karen,
      I got to use my new sidepull yesterday!! The nose knots fit perfectly in just the right spots. I also am very pleased with the stiffness of the rope, it is not too soft nor too hard.

      I definately got to put it through the test when one of the other horses I was riding with spooked and bolted at some cattle. This of course set off a chain reaction with both my horse and the other two horses bolting for cover somewhere.

      I have spent a lot of time training my mare to do a one rein stop, and with the help of your sidepull (and those perfectly spaced noseknots!!) it was very easy to get her head around, disengage the hind quarters and shut her down.

      I have to admit, having used nothing but a bit before, that I have been a little nervous as to whether or not I would be able to get control of my 4 yr old with just a sidepull in a situation like that. I have to say that I feel the sidepull probably made it much easier to get control of the situation than with a bit. Definately love my new sidepull and will recommend you to others.

Take care,

      I just love getting stuff from you its always great quality a fair price and quick shipping. I am going to go out and put the halters on tonite. The only problem is I cant decide if I will put the bl/lime on Cricket and the black/silver on April or-------. I really appreciate the various sizes offered my two foxtrotters take the cob size. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.


      Recieved the (halter/bridle) combo. It is awesome. This is the third one I have bought and as usual it is beautiful ! You do fabulous work !

Mary West


      Oh my gosh, I love the whip!!! I really love the black with white spots in it! Of course, now I am thinking I should have had the reins made with that too..BUT, something for my wish list!! LoL. The whip is so perfect, I can't tell you. I love the weight and it fits my writs perfectly! I can also loop it on my belt loop which is so cool. So thanks again and again. You are great!

Denise Conroy

      Thank you for another great halter and your excellent customer service! (Thank you also for the enclosed Scripture on the receipt!) Your business is such a blessing to everyone!

Thanks again,


      We received our order today. I don't normally do this, but I was so impressed by the experience with your company, that I felt compelled to write, and thank you. I took a chance on a company that I had not heard of and am better for it. From the shipping refund, to the expeditious shipment, the entire transaction was a pleasure. The quality, of your products and customer service, has me looking on the website to see what else I can purchase.

Thanks again,
Dan Sepulveda

Hi Karen,

      I just wanted to let you know that I received my training stick and I love it. The quality is as good as, if not better than the "other" guy's!! Thanks for the fast shipping too!


      Hello! My name is Ashley Beard and I have ordered from you before. I can’t express in words how much I love your products. The prices are Very reasonable and I love Yacht Rope Anything! I am also a member of the Parelli Savvy club and I use yacht rope everything and I also use the training stick and string. However, the prices on the Parelli Website for their equipment are outrageous and I would have spent a small fortune for far less then what I wanted if I had bought from their site. I bought all of my halters, lead rope, lounge lines and training stick and string from your site and I saved more then half of what I would have spent on the Parelli Site. WOW! And I love that I also get to choose what color I would like for each one of my horses. You can’t choose color for many things on the Parelli site. I just wanted you to know that I will be telling my other Parelli friends about this site and how much better it is… And A BIG THANK YOU To you guys at Sunset halters for everything you offer!

Again Thank You!

Ashley Beard

Hello John and Karen:

      Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the lead rope and mini-halter. We received them today. Thank you for the excellent craftmanship and excellent service. Your Christian witness is SO very encouraging.

We'll be passing the word around about Sunset Halters.

Ruth Ohren

      Hi! I wanted to send you a photo of my 10 year old Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse/Shire (?) cross, Lola. She's in training at the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska (check out the glacier in the background!) and doing very well in her new halter/bridle. Lola is a PMU rescue mare who had only a bit of training when she came to our barn in April; she's now moving and performing beautifully. We still have a long way to go but we're looking forward to it. With the combination of a willing, intelligent horse and a great tool like the Sunset Halter/Bridle, training is such a joy.

Thank you for your fine craftsmanship.
Claudia Berkley

      My halter/bridle just arrived, and its great! Very nice workmanship. These seem like they will be perfect for the trail and endurance instead of those bulky bridles. Less is more! My sister ordered from you a few days after I did. We are both excited to try them out.



      I meant to send this email a week ago...

      I absolutely love the haltermore! The yellow color looks great on my chestnut horse... Everyone complimented me and TK (my horse) on how nice it was. He was so responsive in it and was very well behaved. When I can afford to I will be buying several others in many different colors for all of my horses. I was also very impressed at how quickly it arrived. Thank you!



      I bought a bitless halter bridle and flat braid reins from you this past fall and I love them... I had a sizing issue with the bridle (the one I ordered was too big for my mare's tiny head) and you graciously swapped it out right away! It is a beautiful product everyone at my barn asked where I got it and when I chat online and people ask about bitless bridles I always refer to you.



      I meant to email you sooner, but I used the bitless bridled on my boy Gavin a few days ago, and he loved it! He listened to every request much better than he has in a bit.

Beautiful products also. :D Thank you so much!

-Stephanie Pratt


      Just wanted to let you know I received the [bitless] halter/bridle on Friday and it's beautiful! I finally had the chance to use it on my youngster and he LOVED it. If horses could smile...

      Thanks again! I have a pretty loud mouth--lots of people will be hearing about you guys!

Elly Burnett

Hi Karen,

      I just received my order and I can't even begin to tell you how happy and satisfied I am with the halters, the lead line and the training stick and string. Your professionalism, etiquette and product are by far superb to anything I have dealt with in the past. I have referred my friend to you, so expect an order with in the next week from her and together we plan to spread the word.

      Thank you again so very much. I will be ordering many more products in the future. I lived in Olympia for four years, I wish I knew of Sunset Halters then! Take care and God Bless You!


Tara L. Pellegrino
Riverwood Hollow Farm

Hi Karen,

      I received the Halters yesterday, and they are absolutely gorgeous!! They are even more than I expected, you do wonderful work and I love your knots. I will spread the word about your web site hopefully you will get some more orders from down here.



      I have certainly intended to write earlier to thank you for your prompt response to my order for 2 rope halters right before Christmas. They arrived in time for Christmas gifts, and they are so beautifully made! Thank you again for your fine products, excellent workmanship, and Christian witness. You are a delight to your customers!

God Bless You!
Alicia Carlson

Hi Karen,

      Just a short note to say how much I love the haltermore I bought from you! It fits perfectly on my little Arab mare and she responds quite well in it. I will be doing more business with you in the future.

Thanks Again,
Jennifer Grier

Hi Karen,

      I just wanted to let know you that I received my sidepulls and reins. The sidepulls are wonderful and I love those reins with the water ties they have the perfect feel to them & I really like the heavy duty scissor snaps - I have gotten reins before with scissor snaps and the snaps are always too light weight and small. You do awesome work - I'm glad I found you. I'll be ordering more reins at some point.

Take care & have a nice Thanksgiving
Leslie Hoyt


      I just wanted to say that I love the Halter/Bridle. I was very pleased about how quickly it got here and how beautiful it turned out. When I first tried it on, Lucas, he looked so handsome and both I and his owner couldn’t stop saying how good he looked! I use the halter/bridle in place of his English bridle because he responds so much better and is more relaxed when I ride him and have a lesson. Thanks so much. I plan to get a few more products from you in the near future.


     First of all I was totally shocked that it arrived so fast and secondly I was taken aback when I opened the box to see the most beautiful bitless bridle I've ever seen. It's truly a work of art and Tarbutton will be the envy of the entire stable no doubt.

     Karen, thank you so much for putting so much love and artistry into your work. The photos really do not do your work justice. I've never seen such fine quality in a rope halter/bridle.

Nicole Rouviere


      I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my halter and lead rope. The quality is first rate. I could not believe how fast my items got to me. I would definately buy your products again and will also recommend them to my friends. My natural horsemanship trainer wanted me to buy a halter from a well know trainer,but I did not want the same halter set that everyone has. I came across your website and I knew that I wanted to give you my business. My trainer really liked your products! Thank you again!


Hi Karen,

      I am so excited! I just finished my parelli level one with my percheron mare, Fate with your rope halter with extra nose knots! She was amazingly responsive in the halter and it helped us communicate better with each other. In fact, partway through the clinic, this VERY green mare laid down and let me scratch and pet her and then sit on her back while she laid in the arena sand! Not long after that we were riding in the round pen with your beautiful halter and a lead rope! No bridle, no bit..... it was the most amazing bonding experience I have ever had.

      So now we need a 22ft. line and I didn't have to think twice about where I would get it. :) I just placed my order and can hardly wait to get it.

      OH.. I just talked to a friend of mine today too... I had passed your website on to her, and she purchased her training stick from you. She was amazed to get it so quickly and loves it. She thanked me for telling her about your site.... So thank you for making me look good to my friends! :)


Laura Elliott

Karen -

     Your customer service is AMAZING! I ordered my riding rope halter last Wednesday afternoon, and it was in my mailbox on Saturday. I rode my horse in it on Sunday and it fits perfectly. I've been riding in rope halters with side rings for a decade and I can't believe that it never crossed my mind to add a browband to alleviate the problem of the halter sliding back on the poll. It worked great!

Kristi Schaaf

Hi Karen,

     I've sent two of my barn buddies to you for beautiful halter bridles like the one you made for Solo and no shocker, you've made two more great ones!

     I've got a picture of Solo and Pete (my friend Cheri's Arab) in their halter combos, working on getting one of all three boys (Denali, Darcy's little Arab is the third amigo) to send to you.

     I wanted to thank you for being such a great resource -- whenever folks need something in the rope line, I know I can send them to you and they will get a great result and not have to spend a ton of $$$$$$$ (a rare find in the horse world). Keep up your great work!

Brena Jones


      I got my new Halter-Bridle yesterday and I LOVE it!!! It's beautiful and the colors turned out great. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly!!! I can't wait to try it out on Denali this weekend. I'll send you a picture of him wearing his new Halter-Bridle when I get a chance. Thanks so much again.

Darcy Weaver

Hi Karen,

      I just had to fill you in on how my percheron mare and I are doing with our new warmblood sized purple rope halter with extra nose knots. My trainer used it this week and LOVED it! He raved about the quality and fit, and called me from the sessions to say my mare responded really well in it, was lighter and more responsive and sensitive, and seemed happier having a better form of communication. We are doing a level one parelli clinic this weekend and will be using the halter through it all. Hopefully I will have some great photos to share with you.

      Thank you for making such a quality item and demonstrating excellent customer service through the fast order and delivery, as well as excellent responses to my questions via email. I will certainly be ordering more from you and my trainer will be too!

      It is a joy to find companies with the quality workmanship and customer service such as yours. It is very rare now adays, and believe me, I will be spreading the word as much as I can! I will be writing to our local horse journals regarding your store as well. Thanks for doing such a good job!


Your new and very happy customer:

Laura Elliott


      I love the side pull and reins!!!! It fits my guy perfectly, he is so much happier with this instead of a bit.

Thanks and Blessings to you!


Hi Karen

      Just wanted to leave you know I received my halters and mecate. I think they are just lovely, even nicer then the photos. Cannot wait to try them on Elijah.

I will be sure to let others know about your company.

Thank you again


      I received my stick and string on Thursday when I only ordered it on Monday. Thanks so much for the fast shipping. I did get a chance to use it Thursday night and I love it. It is so much easier to use then my lunge whip. You have so much more control with it. Thanks again and I will be ordering from you again.


      Thank you very much!!! I'm very excited about these items. It will make 4 of your halters that I have on my horses!! I just love them! They are the best thing for camping & riding. One of my horses (black & yellow halter bridle) will be having a baby in a couple of weeks & I will be ordering a halter for the baby, too!!!

Thank you for such a great product!!


      I just ordered another halter from you and must say they are the best halters in the world!!! I got another one as an extra just in case. I love that you have different colors to choose from as well as different types of rope. You can get the more pricey halter with the less pricey leadrope or vise versa. You guys rock!

Love everything form your store, thanks,

Hi Karen,

      I wanted to let you know we love the halters and lead rope! It’s amazing how much more responsive the horses are to cues. When I lunge Scout, he likes to pull to the outside at parts of the circle. Now, I only have to apply slight pressure to get him to come back in on track! I really only have to hold my hand steady and he bumps against the halter and yields to it. They lead and back better, as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Have a nice weekend!!
Take care,

Hi Karen,

      Received my order the other day everything is great. I am so happy with the quality of your products. This is my second order and I will come back!! I have recommended your products to my friends also. They look so good hanging off the saddle in the house, just kiddin I am waiting for spring to come to us in Maine. Thanks again for the prompt service and GREAT products.
Ardys Goodine


      I keep meaning to email you and thank you for the halters and leads and reins. Everything arrived in time for the weekend so I could play with 'the kids', and it all fit! Moreover, they match! So cute! Thanks, and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who needs a rope halter.

Best regards,
Ginny Schmit


      Just wanted to drop a line telling you how much I like my halter and lead. Its perfect! Color quality it has it all. I will have this lead and halter for many years to come. Would definately buy from again.

Another happy customer,

      Thank you so much for your prompt shipping of the halter, lead rope and haltermore. I can`t believe that I just ordered last week Tuesday, received everything on Friday. I've been using them with my horses this last weekend.

      Your customer service is absolutely the best, and I appreciate how you personally responded back to me within minutes of placing the order to confirm the halter size.

      My arab mare "Jewel" has already made so much progress just in these last few days, she has become more inquisitive and brave, it is just astonishing. The quality of the material is wonderful and makes my horses look so pretty.

Thanks again, Sylvia

      I received my lead rope last week and was able to use it on both Saturday and Sunday with a new mare. She was so much more responsive with this than any other rope that I had tried! I love the feel and the weight of it, when you toss it out to encourage forward movement it just sails! This is not going to be my last order, and thanks so much for the super fast shipping!

Michelle Lippert

Hi Karen,

      I just wanted to say thank you for making an awesome product that my horses and I love to death. All my guys love your haltermores and when riding on the trail they prefer them over my normal English bridles. All three actually work better with the haltermores and enjoy their riding time more, than when I am riding in my entire English garb.

      Thanks again for the great halters and haltermores,



      I got the halters today. Of course they all look GREAT and I can't believe how fast they got here! It was lucky too; I picked them up right before lunch and both of the giftees where there. Both LUVed them (and mine is of course amazing too...now to find a horse to fit in it; for now it's hanging with my chaps and spurs on my bedpost. It looks quite hansome! LOL) :D.

      I'll try to head out to the barn with roomie in the next month or so (she grabbed her halter and headed off to a week long vet conference LOL) and get some pictures. Her poor foundation boy in a purple halter...what WILL the stallions think :-O!

Thanks again,

      Hey there! I recieved my sidepull yesterday (thanks for the fast shipping!) and tried it on my gelding today. I wanted to let you know how fantastic he was. I was skeptical at first, because I had tried something similar (rope as well) but he actually seemed uncomfortable.

      It was obvious that your sidepull is made better and more effectively, as well as better fitting, as he was an angel and really appreciated the bitless riding. He actually dropped his head and stretched his neck into a nice hunter frame and we did some small jumps with it. Just as much control as a bit, but better because Ronnie was so comfortable in it!

Thanks for the high quality item!

Megan Statler


      The halters arrived today (SO FAST!!!)! They are WONDERFUl!!!!!! I tried them all on and they fit beautifully and the colors are GREAT!!

      Robin looks smashing in black and the yearling one is REALLY pretty on McGraw, and of course Apple's plum purple one matches her daughter's, so they have a mommy and me thing going on! I will take pics of them this weekend!!!!

Have a lovely and peaceful Thanksgiving!



Hi Karen,

      I ordered some halters and stuff from you back in June. I wanted to tell you how much we still love them!

      We've made a lot of progress with your natural horse training products. I took an animal that was wild and tried to kill me every day, and about two months later I was riding her. She would even come to greet me instead of running away! It was an incredible experience for me.

      I'm looking at a new horse this weekend, and if it all works out I'll be ordering from you again. I saw on your website that you lost Wings. I'm very sorry for your loss, although he is Heaven's gain!

Thanks again, and my prayers are with you!

Kristin Rogers
Austin, TX

Hi Karen,

      I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed the previous halter bridle I bought for my donkey from your sale page. I was having a hard time fitting his head with any leather cob bridle, he objected to the browband. Since he is used to yacht braid halters, and I can easliy adjust the space to go around his ears, your bridle has been a wonderful tool.

      Rec'd the 2nd bridle and am just as pleased! I have to 'fiddle around more with straps to get perfect fit, but once again, it makes it so much easier! I can start with a halter & decide to go bridle without a big deal. also quality is great-i feel secure knowing its made to withstand wear & tear.

Thanks again,
Nancy Gowell

Hi Karen,

      Here are some of the pictures of my boy Fantacy with his sidepull (can be seen on 'Your Pictures' page) that we bought from you this summer, he works great in it. Even better then he does with a bridle.

      It works great for both my boys and all 12 at the barn I board at using it as a halter. I am very happy with the quality and the speediness of the shipping! I have recommended you to all my horsey friends! Will buy from you again!

Sarah Corbin

Hi Karen,

      I just picked up my new haltermore at the P.O. this morning and must say I am very impressed. I was extremely impressed when you said it would ship the day after I ordered it and I got the tag in my box on Saturday but our P.O. is not open...it was hard to wait until Monday to get it!

      I just wanted to say thank you and that you guys are my most favorite place to "drool" and order my rope tack. Your quality is outstanding and your customer service, next to none. I hope to get a picture of my mare wearing her new haltermore so you can put her on your webpage. Just another very happy customer!!

:) Joan

Hi Karen,

      I received my reins and absolutely love them. I am getting ready to gather cows over here in Montana and they are going to work perfect. They are so comfortable to hold. My boyfriend who has been riding horses for 30 years also loves them. I know everybody I ride with will love them and I wiil tell them all your name and how fast and affordable you are!! Thanks for being here And God Bless!!.

Melinda Packer


      I wanted to thank you for sending the smaller sidepull. It really does fit better. Yesterday I used it for the first time on an actual trail ride. It was the first time in about 10 yrs that my horse has responded to neck reining! ( I have tried to teach him off & on to no avail, but the communication must have been well defined with the side pull) We thank you.

Deb Brown

     Thank you so much, I received your products today and I must say I am more than happy with the quality! I am going to put them to work tomorrow! I love the weight and feel of them Im sure my 2 1/2 year old filly will love these as well. I am into natural horsemenship and the feel is very important, these are going to make a huge difference in her training. Ill keep you posted. Thank you again.

Kelley Duschek

Hi Karen,

     I tried out my new haltermore over the weekend and it was fabulous! My horse loved it, especially being able to eat and drink by the river! Thank you so much for all your help and patience. My daughter loves her rope halter and rope reins too! Fabulous stuff!

Wendy Nelson

PS. I praise Jesus daily for people like you!

Hi Karen,

     Today we received Rio's new halter and it is beautiful...fits him just perfectly. Thank you so much. We couldn't be happier and will definately contact you again in the future. It was a pleasure doing business with you..thanks again :)


Hi Karen,
     Just wanted to send a note to thank you for my order and tell you how pleased I am with the reins.  My order arrived on Thursday and the quality is outstanding.  I'll definitely be referring you to everyone I know.

     Thanks again for a great product at a VERY fair value and your promptness handling my order.

God Bless,
Judy Casey


     Wanted to let you know I got my reins and lead ropes and I am VERY impressed with the quality :) Haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but I put the reins on my mares' bridle and the first decent weekend we get, I'm going to take her out on a ride.  Thanks for the quick ship and a real quality product :)


Hi Karen,
     I am sorry I have not written sooner to tell you how much we love our last order! We ordered two halters with lead ropes and could not be happier. They are absolutely gorgeous and very functional to boot! They arrived just days after we ordered.
     We have been using the halter with the thin rope with the heavier weighted 12 ft. lead rope to train our yearling and it is going exceptionally well. The weight and feel of the training lead rope is awesome. Just the feel of it in my hands tells me about the quality of rope used! Not to mention all the beautiful knots, bells and whistles that you put in to each piece, at a very affordable price.
     This is our second order with you and I am sure it will not be the last. We truely love the quality workmanship and value we get from Sunset Halters. I fully believe that all the equipment we have ordered from you will be with us and used for a very long time.
     We have attached a picture of my daughter and her pony with her new halter and lead. The picture tells it all!
     Thanks so much for your great products and service!!
Judy and Madison O'Day
Columbus, IN

Dear Karen,

     My husband and I received our new rope halters today and wanted to write immediatley to let you know how pleased we are with them. Not only are they beautifully made, but the shipping was incredibly fast...I honestly didn't expect to receive them so soon! "Our boys", Beau and Gage, will be the best dressed geldings on the farm, and I can't wait to show them their new halters. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service!

Phil and Debbie Howard
Tomahawk, Wisconsin


     I got my haltermore and it looks great. I rode my mare in it this week and she loved it! I am so excited. I will never ride in a bit again. She was more responsive that I thought possible and every bit as happy as I thought she'd be. It's liberating to ride without a bit! This is great! I hope to continue as your customer - thanks for all your communication and good service!
Ellison Robinson

     I just got my order today.  WOW!!  That was really fast.  Thank you for the many business cards to pass on to my other horsey friends.  I love the halters.  I thought they would be just plain old black, but they have a little bit of color to them.  They are just like the ones that all the big name trainers use, but at an affordable price.  Your customer service is great.  I will definately be ordering more halters and leads as we aquire more "children."
Thanks again for selling such a wonderful product!
Michelle Krick

Dear Karen,

     I received it today in perfect order. The shipping was incredibly fast! I am very happy with the haler. It’s a beautiful yellow. I was scouring the internet for a yellow halter for my dear Paso Fino, Pitter-Pan. His favorite color is yellow. He has shown great interest in it anytime he sees it. It is also the color for the element Earth. Pitty and I are both Earth elements. I was very excited to find such a perfect, bright yellow, and also in a small enough size to fit him. I was also excited to purchase something from a Christian company! Thanks again for the halter, I am VERY happy with it. You can be sure I will order any future rope halter/bridle items from you all.

Lana Kubicki

HI Karen,

I love the blue/green combo (wrapped noseband) on the black halter. It looks really sharp. I keep meaning to send a picture of him in it...I'll get on that. His bay coloring is very strikingly accented by the halter. I never thought a rope halter would actually be pretty... Boy was I wrong. :O)

It is holding up fabulously too... he managed to get it off the stall door (off the stall NEXT to him) and drug it in and had serious rumble with it. Other than being dusty and wet from all his "ministrations" it was perfect!!

Thanks again...and I can't wait to see these new ones. :O)

Have a great weekend.

Heather Brown


Yesterday I received the rope halter I ordered from you. I can't believe it got here so fast!! I just wanted you to know how much my fiance loved his gift:) It fits his gelding perfectly and boy does he look beautiful:) I'll send you some pics as soon as I can. Maybe I'll wait till I order the other three halters so I can send pics of them all:) You're guys are awesome!!!! Thanks so much for helping to dress my kids in the best:)

Dani Tagtmeyer

Hi Karen,

I wanted to thank you for your service and your products. I am very happy with the quality of your products and your service is exceptional (especially when I ordered the wrong length of draw rein and had to e-mail a correction!).

It has been a pleasure and there is no doubt I will keep your company on my "favorites" list.

Kathryn Flynn


I just wanted to thank you for the top notch haltermore that you made for my Andalusian, Nacho. Nacho being†a super sensitive breed has always played with the snaffle bit and really chomps on it when he gets frustrated.

I have researched bitless bridles, sidepulls, and various mechanical hackamores only to find they are either too severe or have potential to rub unsightly bare spots. I found your website and immediately I knew your haltermore was the answer to riding without a bit.

When I ride Nacho with the haltermore he lowers his head, rounds his back and is totally relaxed. I just wanted to add that the haltermore just isn't for western riders, I use it when I ride english too. I cannot say enough great things about the haltermore. Thank you so much! I have included a picture of Nacho modeling his new custom haltermore.

Kara Hoefer
Lexington, South Carolina

{For a picture of Nacho and Kara, please go to our Your Pictures page!}

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much! I really love the halter bridle combo! I have been using a bridle on my horse that I did not think fit her very well. She would lower her head, only to raise it right as I was putting the bit in her mouth. She is now keeping her head down really nice for me. I may need to get just a rope bridle from you for when we are not doing ride and ties. I will be in touch!


Hi Karen,

I received my order today. It was as perfect as I expected. It was also a pleasure for me to do business with you. Please convey our deep appreciation to all the staff members involved.

Just for your information, I am an Iranian who lives in Japan. I am a Muslim and run my own business here. Regrettably, our countries do not get along well, but I was really impressed by your emails. You always mention the phrase " God bless you. " We both love God and peace.

Lastly, It would be a great pleasure If you could accept me and my Japanese wife as friends here in Japan and please do not hesitate to come and visit us if you ever come to Hokkaido, Japan. Please contact me if I could be of any assistance or needed anything from Japan.

I wish you and your company all the best. God bless you all nice people.

Sincerely yours,
Steven Hojjati


Miss Jest'r is an 8 year old Quarter/Paint. 15.2 hands gentle as a lamb. Her and I have been best friends for 4 years, and she has worn the gear you made for over a year now. When and if we ever wear it out, we will put in another order. She will only wear Sunset tied rope halters, I am one satisfied customer. The halter was attached to a gate outside for over 6 months, and really never lost its color. It is as strong as the first day I put it on her. I am in the process of purchasing a Palomino and will be ordering for her once I get the ownership papers.

Roseane, Kingsman, AZ

Wow Karen. I received the order yesterday and it is just perfect. I am so excited to give the reins to my husband, I'm sure he will love them. The lead ropes are exactly what I wanted. Now if we could only get some warmer weather so we can start horse camping again.

Thanks for all your help,
Allison Sluis

Hi Karen,

Just received my order and the reins are outstanding!! Excellent quality at a great price. Looking forward to your updated headstall page.

Thank you,

Karen Martin


The halter/bridles arrived last Saturday. I have sat down to write twice but could not find the words to tell you how pleased I am with these sets. It made me wish I had more horses so I could order more bridles!

I will be sure to send photos of my horses wearing the sets, promise! One horse is still in MO, we just purchased and have to transport in Aug. He is black/white and will wear the red/wht/blue set. My TW is a summer black and will wear the teal set. Thank you so much for the great service and wonderfull product. I am sure we will do biz again.

Deb in AZ


Received my reins you did for me, thanks! They are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure I have another order once everyone see's them at our next horse show. Matter of fact, I'll problably order a rope halter with extra lead line for myself.

Richard D. Yensan

Hi Karen,

My halter/bridle/sidepull just arrived and I'm so happy with it. I love the colors and the quality is excellent. I haven't tried it on my horse yet but, I'm glad I went with the large size, it looks perfect for my big-headed oof. : )

I'm really glad I got the sidepull too, it just make sense to have the rings there in case I decide to use a bit. Thanks for asking about the sidepull before you made it! I like how the end is finished off too. The copper is a nice touch. I'm anxious to share your product with my horse friends. Thanks again, great work!


P.S. My daughter already confiscated the adorable little keychain for her model horse. : (

Dear Karen,

Got the sidepull bridle yesterday evening.† I LOVE IT!† I have to admit I was worried that I had ordered too-short of reins when I opened it, but it turns out that they are perfect.† I wasn't able to take pictures yesterday, but I will try to get some this weekend before the bridle gets too dirty.†

Jack seemed to go pretty good in it.† Just as good as he does in anything else.† He's not real happy about anything being on his face and he hates bits rubbing the sides of his mouth.† This is the best thing I have gotten for him so far because it is light and has no bit.† And it's so pretty on him :-)† Everything I've ordered in the past has been too big on him and this seems to fit perfect.

I'm positive I'll be ordering more from you in the future.† Thanks again.

Beth Anderson

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to drop you a note, I received my order today (mini halter from your gifts). When I opened the box it made me smile and laugh, I don't think I have seen anything that cute in a long time!! I wasn't sure just how big it was going to be, but it is adorable.† As I said before, I enjoy finding new and unique horsey gift items.† So just wanted to say thank you and best wishes with your business.

Lori Imler

Dear Karen,

I received everything I ordered and in a very short time. I am greatly pleased with the bridle set.† what a wonderful, useful, and easily cared for and operated design. I will recomend you to all my equine owning friends- an excellent product.

Lana Guenther


I just had to let you know that I recieved the AMAZINGLY beautiful halter and lead set today and it really is fantastic! The lead rope is wonderful! So pliable and thick, I just cannot get over it! I adore every inch of it! The colors are perfect! The tassel is so sassy! I am going to order another rope halter in a day or two.

Again I cannot thank you enough! Your halters will get much exposure, I go everywhere with my mares and they like to be well dressed! I was showing off the set you made me at the barn and everyone was Ohhhing and Ahhhhing! The rope halters we have in stores here are so second rate compared to your work!!! I put your tag and email address up on our board! I hope it generates lots of orders for you! Thanks!

Theresa Graupmann and the girls

Well, all I can say is WOW!! I am very impressed with the headsetter. I have never had an easier time leveling out Charlie's topline. Now if I can get him to move out, I just might have a nice little western pleasure horse on my hands. It amazed me how quick he figured out to drop his head and to keep it there. I can't wait to try it out on my 2 year old next spring.

I am probably becoming a pain in your rear, but I just wanted to say that it is really nice to find a product on the net that actually works. Thanks!

Sheri Salois

Hi Karen,

Thought I would let you know my halter came today. Thank you for such fast shipping. I am SO pleased with the halter! The color is even better than expected and looks superb on my horse. I'm very happy with the quality as well and when others ask, I'll tell them right where to go to get a great halter. As soon as the horses shed their winter coat, I'll will get a picture and send it on over.

Thanks again!
Chasya Roberts

Hi Karen,

The halter arrived today, and it is PERFECT! So well made, and looks like you were right here making it especially for Thelma. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product, and quick service. I don't think I have ever enjoyed buying something quite as much as this little halter.

Sincerest Thanks,

Sharon Danielson / Vashon Island, WA.

Dear Karen,

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with the Halter and Lead!! Your shipping timing was perfect! The halter arrived yesterday and I got home just as my trainer got here to work with Buddy.

There is no way to describe to you the strength test he put that halter thru!!! and it passed with Flying Colors! Thank you so much and if you do not mind I am going to keep your email info-I have a feeling more business will be coming your way!

Thank you SO much for such a BEAUTIFUL / yet strong and serviceable Halter and Lead!!! You did such a good job!

Elaine Simpson

HI Karen,

I finally went to pick up the halters from the post office today.FYI they arrived 8-3 (several days ago) to our box for pick up, great delivery time!

The halters are BEAUTIFUL. My 6 year old son said "you and dad can pick from those two but THIS ONE IS MINE and you CAN'T USE IT" (spoken like a true 6 year old in reference to the teal halter for his horse).

The quality of workmanship and material is excellent. It's not just the Fiador knot but also the knot under the throat latch that set these halters apart from the rest (in addition to the colors, rope quality, copper finished trim and evenness of knot tension overall and workmanship overall). Well, in reading what I just wrote, These rope halters are just in a class all by themselves, period.

Speed of delivery and customer service was also excellent. If you need a letter of reference sometime anywhere concerning these halters just have them call/write to me or use this e-mail one. I also put similar comments on the salebarn.com comments: seller section for you.

If I need some more rope halters, after years of searching, I know who to go to :)!

Thanks again,

Kim Croft
over 30 years horse experience.

Hello Karen,

Wow you are fast I received the Tie Down in my mail yesterday!!!! And Its just beautiful! Its for my daughters horse and she has a really fine head.. Its going to look Great on her... and My daughter just loves it also... sheís 8 years old, and is decking her horse out in purple and black.. It just perfect! Have a Great Day!.

Thank you so much...
Pam Widner


Just got my halter and I am so overly thrilled. I absolutely love the colors you picked. I think I have found my permanent halter provider.
Thanks again,

Coleen Chmelik

Hello and Thank You!!!!!!!

I got the halters today and I love them. They are such good workmanship!! Thank you so much for the mini :)

I like the size rope you use to make the halters, some use a thinner rope. I love the leads too. I haven't seen my cousin yet to give him his but, I'm most sure he will be pleased.

I have seen a few rope halters and yours are an EXCELLENT job. I will send ANYONE who wants to know where I got them your way. I noticed you have your phone # on the tag,,is it alright to give someone your # if they want to order? I don't see alot of rope halters used in this area but they are catching on. Anyway, I love mine and thank you again for the good service and good quality product.

Goin to the barn to try one of these babys' out!!

Helena Winegar

Hi Karen,

Received the draw reins today and have already used them. They worked great! My mare worked really well in them. My daughter was having some trouble with her pony, so when I was done using them I put them on the pony and what a difference! Great color, better than shown in the picture. Will leave feedback for you!


Jennifer Wirick


The halters arrived yesterday and I had to contact you to express my great satisfaction with your product. The obvious skill and talent involved in creating this highly functional and artistic piece of equipment is obvious to anyone but especially appreciated by anyone with horse interests. I am sure to receive many questions of interest when my horses are seen wearing your halters and you will be referred to all our horse friends.

Thank you,
John Kuster
Woodwinds Farm

Dear Karen,

I received my rope halter today, and I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased. Thank you for being so prompt at shipping. I also absolutely love the color. The quality is very high, and I would look forward to doing business with your company any time. Thank you once again.

Kassia Miller

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