1/4" Halter Cord Sidepulls

Sunset Halters natural horsemanship training

These are part of our Hope Rope Halters™ Program.

Bit hangers, reins, chin straps, browbands and lead ropes sold separately.

Sage- Paint

Owned by J&K Welch

            "Sage" is shown here wearing a violet large horse sidepull, with matching reins, sold separately. Made from 1/4" Halter Cord rope, which is a firm, very durable, long wearing, and snag resistant rope.

      Each sidepull includes extra noseband knots, and stainless steel rings. We use a fiador knot at the chin, our special throat latch knot, and lovers knots throughout. The ends are also finished with a lover's knot.

       We do recommend using one of our sidepull chin straps to help keep your sidepull in place. You can purchase those for $4.50, here.

       Sidepulls are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This is a firm and heavy duty rope! Starting at $23.

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