Hope Rope Halters™

Sunset Halters natural horsemanship training

Lead Ropes Sold Separately.

Need more info on rope halters and fit? Check out our 'Rope Halter Info and Fit' page. To add a wrapped nosebands or extra noseband knots to your rope halter, go to our 'Add Ons' page.

Quick Facts on Hope Rope Halters™

*Fairly stiff-- '7-8'

*Great training or every day halter

*Support your favorite charity

*Low stretch, great for pullers

*Made in the USA

      This slideshow to your left shows all of the halter colors with a black 1/2" yacht braid lead (sold separately).

     These Hope Rope Halters™ are made with a fairly stiff 1/4" halter cord. We use a fiador knot at the chin, our special throat latch knot, and lovers knots throughout. The ends are also finished with a lover's knot.

      Because of the stiffer rope, low stretch and strength, these make great training halters, as well as halters for every day use.

     Each halter color has a designated charity. $2 per halter is pre-donated to it's charity. This is a great way to support your favorite charity, as well as get a top quality American made halter.

     This halter rope is available in the colors shown below. You choose from our 7 main sizes. Starting at $19. Custom sizes are available at no extra cost.

Click color chart for larger view.

Since 1999

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For a detailed list of charities, including links, please visit our Hope Rope Halter Program page.