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Click on pictures below for more info and to order. How to add a bit shown below.

Proper tie off instructions available on our 'Proper Halter Fit' page.

halter cord sidepull1/4" Halter Cord Sidepull Yacht braid sidepull1/4" Yacht Braid Sidepull

Rope sidepull
1/4" Diamond Braid Sidepull

Add a browband to
your sidepull here

Add a chin strap to your sidepull.


You can put these on just as you would a regular bridle,
or you can add your bit like this-

bit hangers

Bit Hangers

      You can also add bit hangers to your sidepull These little snaps come in very handy around the barn as well. Starting at $3

Choose Size

         Sidepulls need to fit snugly around the nose. If you email us your horses nose measurements (as seen on our halter fit page), we'll be glad to custom fit your sidepull. Otherwise you may need to adjust the nose piece. This is simple to do, and we do have instructions available. Or easier yet, add a simple chin strap for only $4!

          If your horse has a problem with bits, this could be just what you need. Many people also use these for training, trail riding, and ground driving. Four knots placed across the noseband- hitting pressure points- for added control. You get a quality, rope sidepull that can also be used as a rope halter.

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John 10:10

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