Cow Halters & Neck Ropes

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5/8" Derby Rope Cow Halters & Neck Ropes

Now sold separately.

         This rope is top quality derby rope made in America- not China. Because it's higher quality, it has a tighter weave, making it a bit stiffer. It's mildew and rot reisistant. And it's available in a ton of great colors shown below.

      Halters have two curved rope clamps for comfort. End is finished with a popper and decorative turk head knot.

      Available in calf and cow sizes, in the colors shown to your left. Starting at $16.50

Since 1999

      Matching leads have two brass rings to make the neck look adjustable. It also comes compete with a swivel snap and clamp. You choose size and color. Starting at $18.50

Click color chart for larger view.

derby rope cow halter

5/8" Derby Rope Cow Halter

derby rope neck rope

5/8" Derby Rope Neck Rope