American Made Slobber Straps

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     These Weaver Slobber Straps are a little thicker and less supple. Approx 11" long (5.5" folded over), and are 1" wide. Available in russet. $13.80 per pair.

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     These slobber straps are much longer and wider than the slobber straps above, as well as more pliable.

      They're 18" long (9" folded over), and 2" wide, with beautiful scalloped edges. Very nice strong, yet supple leather.  Available in Chestnut - $20 per pair

American Made Slobber Straps

Weaver, Slobber straps, scalloped edges
Weaver, slobber straps

them to these slobber straps for you.  Please note, if we're adding decorative knots to your reins, they're added after we attach them to these slobber straps. Because the 1/2" and 9/16" rope is thick and back spliced, it's a tight fit without the knots. If you plan on taking your reins on and off your slobber straps, please skip the decorative knots.

     These are made in light oil, london tan, chestnut, burgundy, distressed water buffalo and black.  Approx 7" long. 3/4" at the narrowest part, and 1 3/4" at the thickest part. $22

     These beautiful slobber straps are made for us by a talented Midwest leatherworker. Great quality, supple leather, just looking for a quality mecate, roping or split rein to hang out with. We can set them up for you, and even make sure your poppers match!

Please note: decorative knots look great at the end of reins used with slobber straps, but can make it difficult to get through the slobber strap holes.


     These beautiful quick change slobber straps are made for us by a talented Midwest leatherworker. Great American quality, supple, durable leather.

     We have assorted buckles available, to see which will sell best. Looks like the Jeremiah Watt buckles will be what we have made for future orders.

     If you order these with a set of mecates, roping or split reins (for use w/slobber straps), we'll automatically attach  

       Please note, if you're using our 1/2" or 9/16" yacht braid, you'll need to skip the decorative knots using these. Because the rope is so thick, and back spliced, it's a tight fit without the knots.

     These are 16" long (8" folded over), and 1" wide at the narrowest part and nearly 2" wide at the thickest part. They have beautiful scalloped edges and stitching. Available in Natural, London Tan, Chestnut, Burgundy and Black. $20